G550 with hot dip galvanizing Z275

The G550 is the ideal steel specification for all applications of structural steel frames, large and small size houses, specially modified architectural designs or an airy space for professional uses.

Quality G550 is structural steel with galvanized thermal coating, specially developed to maximize the efficiency of steel construction projects. G550 quality steel provides the highest output power of 550MPa, to minimize the total steel requirement in each of the structures and lower construction costs. Most importantly, it comes with full certificates of conformity, to ensure that the specifications of the materials comply with International Standards.


Elasticity is important in structural steel because it indicates the amount of steel that can be deformed "elastically" and then return to its original shape once the force or tension is removed. The use of steel with high values of elasticity allows the integrated steel structure to "move and bend without permanent structural damage". The materials are considered to bend flexible until they reach their point of performance.

The "miraculous" coating that withstands time and hardships!
None of us was born an expert in the field of construction! Most do not work professionally with metal buildings and those who do, often look for a simple way to explain to their customers why they choose and use specific materials.
At STEEL HOME our raw material is G550 steel with Z275 galvanization, from which we create lightweight steel frames for any kind of private and commercial building. But what is galvanism and why do we insist on it so much?

It all starts with the lifespan we want to give to a building. Steel may be known for its elasticity and strength, but it does not have the natural antioxidant properties, like other metals, and is affected by weather and time. Galvanizing or otherwise zinc plating is the protective coating of steel with zinc, which delays oxidation from 30 to 50 years, exposed to weather conditions.

Zinc is a hard, glossy, white-blue metal. It is easy to sand, quite cheap and provides very good corrosion protection, especially in industrial and urban environments. It has a different corrosion rate depending on the area, so the thickness of the galvanizing varies depending on the use of steel. In industrial and urban areas, zinc corrodes faster, which is why it needs a greater thickness of zinc compared to rural areas.

The galvanizing of a metal can be done in three ways:
· The hot galvanizing, by immersing the metal in molten zinc alloy.
· Electrolysis, for smaller and thinner materials, such as screws.
· Cold galvanizing, where the first two methods are not possible. Applied using spray or brush.

Shelf life: Depends on the environment and the thickness of the coating. Hot-dip galvanized metals last from 20 to 80 years without maintenance.
Easy maintenance: It is a quick and simple process, without preparation work.
Durability: In hot-dip galvanizing, the zinc molecules interact with the steel molecules so that the coating can not be separated from the base, as is the case with other coatings. This way it withstands mechanical damage, but also the damage that can be created by use, transport or storage.
Low cost: Hot dip galvanizing has lower costs than other zinc coatings or alternative coatings. Also its long service life reduces or eliminates maintenance costs.
Immediate use: Metals that have undergone hot-dip galvanizing can be used immediately.
Fast and reliable method: The galvanizing process is simple and controllable. It can be applied within a few hours, to the desired thickness.
Full coverage: Metal products are immersed and covered with molten zinc. All sides, surfaces and details are fully covered.

Materials we use

At Steel Home we use various dry building materials, such as:

Standard Knauf type A (GKB) gypsum boards are used as drywall coatings in standard residential and commercial areas. They can also be pasted as a drywall on existing walls. Features:
· Easy to process
· Minimal shrinkage and expansion during changing climatic conditions
· Non-combustible material
· Flexible
· Low energy and carbon footprint
· Certified health characteristics

Knauf Guardex® boards, type GM - FH1R according to EN 15283-1 + A1, are non-combustible gypsum boards, fire reaction class A1, low weight, resistant to water, mold, moisture and weather conditions thanks to the special treatment of gypsum core and its outer lining with fiberglass on both sides. It is used as a background in the following applications:
· Exterior walls with composite external thermal insulation systems
· Exterior walls with ventilated facade systems
· Plinth and cantilever coatings protected from direct wetting
· Moisture resistance
· Mold resistance
· Fire resistance, category A1 fire
· Breathable material that allows the diffusion of water vapor
· Minimal shrinkage and expansion during changing climatic conditions
· Easy to process
· Low energy and carbon footprint

Η UltraBoard® τύπος DFIR (EN520), είναι μία υψηλής αντοχής καινοτόμα πυράντοχη γυψοσανίδα, με χαρτί και στις δύο επιφάνειες της, για κατασκευές εσωτερικών τοιχοποιιών. Τα αποτελέσματα των μετρήσεων αποδεικνύουν ότι η UltraBoard® είναι ανθεκτικότερη σε αρκετές παραμέτρους από τις απλές ινοσανίδες παρέχοντας πολύ περισσότερες δυνατότητες κρέμασης από τις κοινές ινοσανίδες. Επίσης, η επεξεργασία των αρμών και το φινίρισμα της τελικής επιφάνειας πραγματοποιείται με την ίδια ευκολία όπως στις τοιχοποιίες με στάνταρτ γυψοσανίδες.

Η Knauf UltraBoard® έχει αναπτυχθεί ειδικά για κατασκευές μίας στρώσης. Βιδώνεται απευθείας στο μεταλλικό σκελετό με ειδικές βίδες γυψοσανίδας ΧΤΝ.

DuPont ™ Tyvek® Housewrap is a breathable membrane for wall systems.
• Excellent water resistance, meets the W1 standard
• Highly water vapor permeable (sd value: 0.01 m)
• Waterproof / windproof and extremely water resistant (> W1)
• Enhances construction tightness
• Lightweight, flexible and easy to use installation
• It is applied on the surface, fastened directly to the cladding / OSB, insulation, etc ..
• Stable and reliable long-term performance
• Suitable for steel structures

Natural mineral wool insulation boards, ULTRACOUSTIC P, with ECOSE Technology, do not contain phenols, formaldehyde or acrylics. They are suitable for application in all parts of construction, both in industrial buildings and in homes or offices.
- Fire safety - Fire resistance: A1 (EN 13501) - Thermal insulation - Sound insulation
- Good mechanical properties
- High level of recyclable content
- Raw materials from recyclable, renewable and abundant sources
- Recyclable

Rockwool slabs are a natural fibrous product derived from volcanic rocks such as basalt, limestone, doloyite and bauxite. The plates have dimensional stability, are chemically inert, their properties remain unchanged over time and do not allow the growth of parasites.













Knauf Ultra Board®

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