Select delivery stage

By selecting the delivery stage you want, you start your plan for the completion of the construction. The cost of a house made of steel metal sections depends on the architectural design and how luxurious the interior is.

Design the building

The design of a house or a building is done by an architect or an engineer, who will guide and help you with ideas, appearance, style and whatever requirements your rooms need.

Permits and approvals

The town planning is responsible for the issuance of a building permit after the submission of the study file by the responsible engineer.

We shape and transport the skeleton

The configuration and framing of the steel frame is the beginning of the construction. This makes it easy to transport the skeleton to the construction site and assemble it, saving time.

We build your house

The construction starts with the impressive frame, assembled by specialized technicians and at a fast pace, with consistency and quality, without going beyond the budget, reaching completion quickly.

We deliver your home to you

After the completion of your project, our success is your smile entering your new home!

Do you want to build your own house?

We are ready for the next project. Will it be yours?