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Steel and Construction

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The construction of buildings and houses is done with dry building materials, without using traditional mud and cement.

Το μοντέλο κατασκευής μας βασίζεται σε χαλύβδινο σκελετό κατασκευασμένο με την τεχνολογία CFS (Cold Formed Steel), χάλυβα ψυχρής διέλασης.

Steel G550

The G550 is the ideal steel specification for all applications of structural steel frames, large and small size houses, specially modified architectural designs or an airy space for professional uses.

Quality G550 is structural steel with galvanized thermal coating, specially developed to maximize the efficiency of steel construction projects. G550 quality steel provides the highest output power of 550MPa, to minimize the total steel requirement in each of the structures and lower construction costs. Most importantly, it comes with full certificates of conformity, to ensure that the specifications of the materials comply with International Standards.

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Our knowledge, many years of experience, and our trained professionals form the base of the company and through continuous research and development for the specific construction model that we use.

We have developed this way of construction after a lot of research on the materials and their durability in relation to our country. So we decided to use steel in our constructions.

The advantages of steel

Its strength in relation to its weight

Its service life due to galvanizing

Its flexibility without deformation, making it anti-seismic

98% recyclable without losing its properties

Economical due to speed

Sound attenuation between rooms and floors

The disadvantages of concrete


Construction time




Sound transmission

The disadvantages of wood

In a wooden construction, the philosophy and the order of the materials used are the same as that of Steel Home with a difference in the frame. Wood constructions disadvantages are due to the development of insects, weight and architectural constraints.

Our view

Combined with quality and consistency, Steel Home is the ideal choice!

Less time on site,less construction costs

The cost of construction of the cold extrusion steel frame is very competitive, because its configuration and framing is done in a short time.

While construction drywall is relatively costly, construction speed makes it more economical.

The faster installation of electrical wiring, due to the empty frame, is a significant reduction in the percentage of the budget of a construction.


Metal frame

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